Landscape, adventure, and sports photography and videography




Michael Graw is a commercial photographer, videographer, and writer producing visual stories centered around outdoor adventure, endurance sports, outdoor lifestyle, and travel.


Michael’s images are the result of a dedication to outdoor exploration, creative originality, and a passion for adventure. His work focuses on capturing the staggering beauty of mountain landscapes and telling the stories of rugged athletes who travel through these places. An endurance athlete himself, Michael has deep roots in both the mountaineering and triathlon communities in his adopted home in the Pacific Northwest. His work has taken him across North America and continues to push his boundaries as a storyteller and an athlete.

Michael also has a hard-earned appreciation for what it means to interact with our natural surroundings and the changes that are taking place around us. A former environmental scientist, his insight as a writer offers a unique perspective on environmental and land use issues that directly impact the wild places he loves.

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